Vivien Clere Green writes: Do I turn on the TV or not?

July 26, 2007

Vivien Clere Green This series of blogs is about raising our awareness and understanding our programming.

Just as we accept gravity so we accept that we all think all the time. We not only take it for granted, we don’t even notice it, it has become so automatic.

We do not actively instruct our bodies to move, they just do. For example, if we want to switch on the TV, we press a button. We don’t actively notice that before pressing the button, we instructed our muscles to move i.e. take action.

However if we know we have a deadline to complete for work or a project, we hear a little voice inside that says “Is this the best use of your time right now?” or words to that effect.

Now we have the choice as to whether we turn on the TV or not. This is when the power of thought comes in. Power in the sense that when we become aware of our thinking, we can start to observe our thoughts. Thoughts are nothing more than passing clouds. They drift in and out of our heads. What we do with them is another thing. If we choose to pay attention to a thought, we create a feeling. If the feeling continues, it produces a certain behaviour. Equally if we let go of that thought quickly enough, no feeling is created – so no behaviour.

So the thought “turn on the TV” came into our head and then we heard the little voice “Is this the best use of your time right now?”

We could at that moment abandon the idea of watching TV and go directly to “what needs to be done” or we could allow ourselves to continue thinking about the TV creating a feeling of “I want to watch it” which then creates a felling of guilt about whether to or not.

If we are unaware of what we are doing we will probably sit there, watching TV, feeling guilty and only half enjoying it. When eventually you decide to turn it off, you may be left with a feeling of dissatisfaction but not know why.

I have used the TV as an example because I am sure all of us have had a similar experience.

Now if we become more conscious of our thoughts we increase our options of whether we feel positive or negative. This is very important during pregnancy and childbirth as how we feel and our subsequent actions is dictated by the quality of our thoughts.

Today’s Tip: Start to observe how you think, notice thoughts coming in and our of your head and see if you can try and guess what thought you are going to have next!

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Posted by Vivien of The Birthright Consultancy

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