Vivien Clere Green writes: Is Childbirth painful or pleasurable?

August 3, 2007

Vivien Clere Green This series of blogs is about raising our awareness and understanding our programming.

We are thinking all the time. When we start to watch ourselves thinking, we can observe each thought and see whether it is positive or negative. But there is also something else to consider – our limiting beliefs. This is only too obvious when it comes to childbirth. It is ingrained into most people’s minds that childbirth equals pain, not pleasure.

This is a limiting belief.

If a woman goes into the birthing process with this belief then, she is already creating challenges for herself. Once a woman’s body starts to pulsate, her muscles contract and relax, how she thinks and feels while this is happening, will have a huge bearing. If there is fear of pain or indeed any fear, then her body will receive a message from her brain to produce the fear hormone, adrenaline and not the birthing/love hormone, oxytocin. These two chemical messengers are antagonistic. If one is being produced the other shuts down. If her emotions swing from one to the other, then a see-saw effect occurs between these two hormones.

The result? Stalemate. The birthing process does not proceed.

Yet a woman’s body is designed in such a way that childbirth is not only pleasurable but actually orgasmic. Yet our culture very rarely considers this viewpoint. As women, we are ingrained with the limiting belief.

To change how we think about birth means removing limiting beliefs. Simple procedures, which can be done by anyone, are available from the programmes and web workshops that I run from the Birthright clinic.

Today’s Tip: Sit quietly for a few moments with a pen and paper and write down the beliefs you have about childbirth. This will give you an insight into your own unique programming.

To find out more about this and my recently published book: Wellness our Birthright, go to where you can read an extract and learn the secret of how to give a baby the best start for life.

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Posted by Vivien of The Birthright Consultancy

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Vivien Clere Green is a natural health practitioner, speaker and expert covering natural health methods in pregnancy and infertility. She combines both personal and clinical experiences with extensive research, to give simple easy to read insights to help men and women to do the very best for our future children. Recognized by academics and medical practioners working in pregnancy and childbirth, Vivien has guided and assisted many parents to create the right environment for their children. For more information about Vivien’s work, and her new book Wellness Our Birthright, email Vivien or visit Vivien’s website. 43 Things Tags: , Ice Rocket Tags: , Flickr Tags: , Technorati Tags: , Del.Icio.Us Tags:


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