Vivien Clere Green writes:How to avoid childhood obesity

September 3, 2007

Vivien Clere Green This series of blogs is about raising our awareness and understanding our programming.

Childhood obesity is a reality.

What’s more studies done by the UK Government show that this trend is increasing fast. Predictions suggest that by 2050 one in two boys and one in five girls, aged between 6 & 7, will be obese.

Is this what we as parents want for our children? No of course not!

We all want the best for our children. Here’s how:

1. Children must avoid sugar.

2. Children must avoid empty calories in the form of crisps, fizzy drinks, white flour products and chips are these are the root cause of obesity.

3. Children must be trained from an early age to eat raw vegetables, salad and fruit.

4. Children must only eat at meal times.

5. Children will have much better health as an adult if they start life like this.

6. Children will feel good when they eat a healthy diet, they will behave well and have better relationships.

7. Children must be taught to choose positive thoughts to help them enjoy life and to get the best out of their life.

Today’s Tip: Give your baby a raw carrot or celery stick to chew on as soon as you can.

To find out more about this and other issues, go to where you can read an extract and buy the book Wellness our Birthright and so learn the secret of how to give a baby the best start for life.

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Posted by Vivien of The Birthright Consultancy

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