Vivien Clere Green writes:How to avoid childhood obesity

September 10, 2007

Vivien Clere Green This series of blogs is about raising our awareness and understanding our programming.

Childhood obesity is a reality and increasing at an alarming rate.

In my last post I outlined simple steps to help prevent this but we also have to remember that if we are to change the way we eat, we need to understand the way we think effects our results.

As thoughts come and go into our minds, we can choose whether we stay with each thought or let it go. The key is to be aware of this ability. It’s almost like being a fly on the wall, watching ourselves. Once we start to observe our thoughts we become more aware and we can then direct our minds rather than our minds direct us! We become the parent to our mind rather than its child. Then we can start to set boundaries and goals.

How many of us know that we should change our daily eating habits, set out with good intention and gradually slip back into the old ways? Lasting change and long term results involves understanding how we think and harnessing this power in a positive way.

This is why as a parent we have such huge influence over our children. We give them our thinking programmes for good or ill.

So if we want our children to be healthy, lean and vital, happy in life then we must nurture and feed, not only their bodies with the right food but their minds with the right thoughts.

Supposing your child was never given, and now is not used to drinking, plain water. How do you go about changing this programming?

Give your child the understanding as to why he or she should now do so . You can explain that all change seems unfamiliar; going to a new school, or staying overnight with a friend for the first time are examples of this. So drinking water is, to begin with, different, keep with it, you will feel better, be healthier, have clearer skin and be slimmer; it will become familiar and you will develop new positive programming, a new habit.

Your child will look to you as well, to be an example, so if you don’t drink water yourself then start too and work together, this will encourage mutual respect and build a healthy parent/child relationship.

Today’s Tip: Buy a herb plant and water it daily with your child. You only have to miss a day and it starts to wilt and if you water it in time, it will revive otherwise it will die. When we are tired it is often because we are dehydrated. Drink water and see yourself revive just like the plant!

To find out more about this and other issues and build healthy habits from the start, go to where you can read an extract and buy the book Wellness our Birthright and so learn the secret of how to give a baby the best start for life.

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Posted by Vivien of The Birthright Consultancy

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Vivien Clere Green is a natural health practitioner, speaker and expert covering natural health methods in pregnancy and infertility. She combines both personal and clinical experiences with extensive research, to give simple easy to read insights to help men and women to do the very best for our future children. Recognized by academics and medical practioners working in pregnancy and childbirth, Vivien has guided and assisted many parents to create the right environment for their children. For more information about Vivien’s work, and her new book Wellness Our Birthright, email Vivien or visit Vivien’s website. 43 Things Tags: , Ice Rocket Tags: , Flickr Tags: , Technorati Tags: , Del.Icio.Us Tags:


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