Vivien Clere Green This series of blogs is now an open forum for questions on pregnancy and early motherhood.

Do you have any questions about pregnancy and early motherhood that you would like me to answer? I am inviting you to send in any questions that you need answered.

It seems to me that there is so much information "out there" yet people are more confused than ever. So I am offering this to be a blog forum for anyone’s questions and I will answer them as they come up on the blog. This way others will benefit from your questions and it will help dispel some of the confusion.

It was for this reason that I wrote Wellness our Birthright How to Give a Baby the Best Start for Life but there are still more questions!

Let’s look at today’s question from Anna in Essex:

Q. Do I have to be concerned about the cleaning sprays I use at home? My baby’s breathing seems disturbed when I use air fresheners after changing her nappy? (Anna)

A. It’s interesting that you should raise this question, Anna, because recent medical research, from the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, quoted a study that said 15% of asthma cases were caused by cleaning sprays, air fresheners, furniture and glass cleaners. As mothers, we want to make our homes clean and pleasant to live in but we can, unknowingly, use harmful chemicals. So avoid using products like these and find safer alternatives.

Help your baby experience fresh, natural smells, rather than synthetic ones that can disturb the delicate nasal linings. Raise your own level of awareness too!

Today’s Tip: Allow fresh air to circulate in your home daily. If there are any unpleasant smells after changing the baby’s nappy, open a window for a few moments or use an essential oil burner.

To find out more about this and other issues, go to where you can read an extract and buy the book Wellness our Birthright and so learn the secret of how to give a baby the best start for life.

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