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Why do we need to use fresh food when we can buy it ready prepared?

These days, we all tend to live busy hectic lives and look for a quick solution when it comes to eating. We do not plan ahead and just grab something when hunger pangs arise. The food industry has made it even easier, with ready prepared food easily available in many different ways.

So why bother to use fresh food?

There are 3 key reasons:

1. Fresh food helps to prevent colds and infections, especially during the winter months.

2. Fresh food helps to prevent all forms of illness and disease.

3. Fresh food helps to increase vitality and energy levels.

Food is our fuel and putting in an inferior grade means that we function at a reduced level.

Is this what we want for our new born babies and young children? Do we really want them to suffer unnecessary ill health and grow up with poor levels of vitality?

No of course not! Yet unwittingly this is what we are giving our children when we don’t wean them on fresh food. Babies and young children are innocent beings, they eat whatever they are given. Thus begins their life time eating habits.

Help your baby experience the taste, texture and smell of fresh fruit and vegetables, both raw and cooked. Plan ahead and buy in some fruit and let it ripen for a day or two before you need it. Raise your level of awareness and wean your baby on fresh foods!

Today’s Tip: Cook fresh vegetables for your baby and freeze small amounts in an ice-cube tray. You can defrost this quickly when you are in a hurry.

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