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Phillip Day, campaigner for truth in medicine, is a man fearless about getting accurate and truthful information out to the public. He speaks openly and plainly on contentious issues enabling the general public to make wise health decisions. His courage and activities through Credence publications have helped countless millions of people regain their health and wellbeing.

Do you admire and respect people who talk the talk and walk the walk?

Well, Phillip Day and his wife, Sam, are two such people. When it came to bringing their baby into the world, they sought the truth. Sam did not want to treat childbirth as an illness and give birth in a clinical hospital environment. Even though she was technically in the "high risk" category (she had tipped the scales age-wise and it was her first baby), she did not doubt herself or the strength of her convictions.

As always when you follow your intuition, circumstances occur to help you. She was at a talk I gave on my book Wellness our Birthright, How to Give a Baby the Best Start in Life, when Phillip and I were speaking in Malta last year. Sam said this book gave her the information to support her own intuition, resulting in Anna being born as nature intended, at home without any intervention whatsoever. Consequently bonding with her baby was a given. Now Phillip is helping others to gain the truth in this area too and is promoting my book on his tours and in his forthcoming Australian tour.

Share this information with others so they too can have access to truths that enable people to be happier and healthier. To find out more about this and other issues, go to where you can read an extract and buy the book Wellness our Birthright and so learn the secret of how to give a baby the best start for life.

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